Manu F
Artist Name
Manu F
Born Date
May 17, 2018
Birth Place
Corrientes, Argentina
Progressive House

Manu F  Biography

Manu F Bio

Manuel Fernández aka Manu F was born in Corrientes, Argentina. Ever since a child, he developed an enormous interest for music and technology due to his father, a well known folclore singer and his elder brother, a system engineer. During his early years, he was taken by the sounds of Rock and Roll, Punk, Grounge until he enrooted an especial taste for pshycodelic sounds such as Pink Floyd and The Doors. But it wasn’t until he met bands like Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, that he felt the need of creating music on his own.
Finally, with the arrive of the new millenium and with talented artists as Paul Oakenfold and Hernan Cattaneo on the center of the music scene, Manu F starts giving shape to his dream. Studies of software and musical production would be a very important part of the process, defining his style into Progressive House and Deep House.
Nowadays, he produces for many different labels from Europe and America. BALKAN CONECTION ,BCSA, STELLAR FONTAIN, BONZAI and Lups just to name some…

Support by Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J, Nicko Izzo, Mariano Mellino and many more great artists
Manu F have a radioshow on PROTON RADIO call Coven
Manu F owns, an online radio/label and is also frequent guest DJ in other renamed radios too.


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